SEE Partnership for Media Development is implemented by a consortium of media organizations from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania.


The organizations implementing the project are:


The Center for Independent Journalism is a Romanian non-governmental, non-profit organization, which acts towards professionalizing media, maintaining journalism standards, and developing an honest, responsible and balanced mass-media environment.

Contact details: Tel: +40 21 311 13 76, E-mail:




Media Plan is the first private, independent organization on media development in Bosnia-Herzegovina, founded in 1995 in Sarajevo. Today, Media Plan is an institution with a lot of experience in media research, education of professionals, online information and different communication projects.

Contact details: Tel: +387 33 717 840, E-mail:




The Albanian Media Institute (AMI) was established by the end of 1995, thanks to the grant provided by DANIDA and the assistance of the Danish School of Journalism. After more than a decade AMI has been consolidated, constituting at present one of the main actors of civil society in Albania and one of most important journalistic training institutions in the Balkan region.

Contact details: Tel: + 355 42 229 800, E-mail:




Montenegro Media Institute was established in 2000 as a non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to the improvement of professional and ethical standards in journalism.

MMI has developed number of professional trainings and programs for journalists and media workers, including six months long MMI Journalism School as a pillar training program conducted according to the curriculum of the Danish School of Journalism.

               Contact details: Tel: +382 20 202 175, E-mail:




The Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization founded in 2001. The Institute has gradually grown into a massive media platform in Macedonia, encompassing into its professional network the bulk of the media outlets in the country. MIM enables free and easy access to media literature, up-to-date resources for professional development and education, media research and analyses as well as opportunities for joint production.

                    Contact details: Tel: +389 2 30 90 144, E-mail:




MEDIA CENTER was founded by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia in 1994, as the only multimedia organization to provide wide-ranging media services covering the South East Europe region.

                          Contact details: Tel: +381 11 3349 541, E-mail:




The connection of civil society organizations and the media is crucial in the process of democratization and the creation of modern and proactive society. Since its founding on July 4th, 2005. Media and Reform Center Nis (MRCN) takes on the important task – to support the work and visibility of the activities of civil society organizations, as well as strengthening the professionalism of the media for reporting on specific topics contribute to the development of civil society in the territory of southern Serbia.

MRCN is a non-profit and non-partisan organization with their work and activities primarily in Nis and southern Serbia.

                          Contact details: Tel: +381 18 526 972, E-mail:




Mediacentar Sarajevo supports development of independent and professional journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From its founding to date, MC organized more than 230 different training programs in the areas of journalism and media education attended by more than 2,000 people from B-H and the region.

                          Contact details: Tel: +387 33 715 840, E-mail: kontakt[at]




The Media Development Center, Sofia (MDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 1998 to promote independent media in Bulgaria and to foster capacity-building of the media by encouraging good practice in journalism, stimulating the professional ethics, institutionalizing the dialogue among the state administration, the media and the NGO sector, and to boost the networking and cross-border cooperation in the region of Southeast Europe.

Contact details: Tel: +359 2 981 46 25, E-mail: