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Better education, key to media literacy

Author: Nemanja Stevanović Journalist of   Media literacy is defined as “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and transmit messages through the media”. However, research on media literacy in Serbia suggests that there is a false impression of the degree of this literacy, that respondents consider that the quality of the media content is […]

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Press Release: 4 years of the South East European Partnership for Media Development Project

Bucharest November 29, 2017   The South East European Partnership for Media Development project  ends today, after four years of hard, but rewarding work, by partners in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. It brought together  journalists, media centers and institutes, trade unions, CSOs, academics and policy […]

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Obradović: the new Media Strategy must not repeat the mistakes of the previous one

Author: Anđela Stojanović, MRCN   Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM) and of public media services independence and transparency, the resolution on the status of the remaining publicly owned media, transparency and regulation of budget given to media, as well as media pluralism, were subjects discussed at the consultative meeting that BIRN, NUNS (The Independent Journalists’ […]

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Open letter of the organized civil society to the leadership of The Social Democratic Party (PSD)

More than 70 non-governmental organizations from all over Romania reunite and address an open letter to the PSD leadership, the party with the highest weight in the Parliament and in theGoverning coalition, demanding to communicate clearly and assume a transparent position in relation to amendments on Ordinance 26/2000, tacitly adopted in the Romanian Senate on […]

Macedonia News

Citizens have to believe in the role of the public service broadcaster, in order to protect it

An open public discussion on thorough operational reform of the public service broadcaster, Macedonian Radio-Television (MRT), and on its future development, is necessary, so that it becomes a modern European public service. An open public competition should be conducted for the election of members in the Public Service Programming Council, in order to reduce direct political influences. Moreover, all stakeholders should consider […]

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Report on Media and Information Literacy Week (2017)

Source: Media and Reform Centar NIS   Within UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week, which is being celebrated from October 25 to November 1, Media and Reform Center Niš, with partners from the local community, organized Media and Information Literacy Week in Niš – a series of events with a goal of actualizing media […]

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Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists leads to more attacks

More than 250 attacks, threats and pressures against journalists have been reported during the last 5 years in Serbia. Because most of the court proceedings are still pending, the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists in Nis was marked in front of the Court Building. Fliers with information about unexplained attacks and the increasing number […]

Macedonia News

First Investigative Film Festival in Skopje

  The Investigative Film Festival will take place for the first time in Skopje, from 3 to 5 November 2017, organized by the Platform for Investigative Journalism and Analysis – PINA, in cooperation with The Foundation “Friedrich Ebert”. The first festival of its kind in the region, IFFS unites local, regional and international issues related to […]

Albania News

Albanian Prime Minister insults journalists during live broadcasting, sparking reaction from the media community

  The Prime Minister Edi Rama became the protagonist of a tensed situation with journalists, during a live interview, on October 25. The interview followed a parliamentary session, focused on lifting immunity of the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Saimir Tahiri, who is suspected to be linked to Albanian-Italian drug trafficking activities. The ruling majority MPs voted […]

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A worrying state of media in the Western Balkans

The Directorate of the European Commission for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) is concerned about the non-transparent, partocratic and corrupt co-financing of media content in Serbia.   Source: NUNS 12.10.2017.   European parliamentarians, representatives of the European Commission and other institutions in Brussels, expressed concern at the beginning of this week over the growing […]