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Press Release: 4 years of the South East European Partnership for Media Development Project

Bucharest November 29, 2017   The South East European Partnership for Media Development project  ends today, after four years of hard, but rewarding work, by partners in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. It brought together  journalists, media centers and institutes, trade unions, CSOs, academics and policy […]

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Regional Report: Freedom of Expression in South-Eastern Europe

The present report is the sixth (and last) in a series of reports examining the freedom of expression, prepared within the frame of the South East European Partnership for Media Development project. It provides a broad overview of the state of the freedom of expression in South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Montenegro and […]

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Open letter of the organized civil society to the leadership of The Social Democratic Party (PSD)

More than 70 non-governmental organizations from all over Romania reunite and address an open letter to the PSD leadership, the party with the highest weight in the Parliament and in theGoverning coalition, demanding to communicate clearly and assume a transparent position in relation to amendments on Ordinance 26/2000, tacitly adopted in the Romanian Senate on […]

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Regional Report: A Voice for Many, Influence for Few

The Impact of Online and Social Media On The Freedom Of Expression in SEE Europe   A REGIONAL OVERVIEW Ioana Avădani, Romania   The present report is the fourth in a series of reports examining less-explored angles of the freedom of expression, prepared within the frame of the South East European Partnership for Media Development. […]

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Demands for ICANN’s increased transparency and openness

ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a not for profit organization, which coordinates DNS and IP addresses across the world, unique markers that make computers know where to find each other. Global Internet is a result of these identifications and interactions. 53 organizations worldwide, among which the Center for Independent Journalism Romania, […]

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs on witch hunt

  A list of journalists and politicians, who supported online the recent street protests, was made public by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Minister Carmen Dan stated during a press conference: “The protests were promoted through social media (…). At this point, we noticed that public figures, opinion leaders, and members of certain political […]

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Mass media role is to offer information, not unit daily reports

  The new Chief of the Supervising Committee continues the tradition set by his predecessors, and becomes the advocate of the Romanian Information Service’s (SRI) interests, turning a blind eye to the values, freedoms, and fundamental rights, which, as citizens’ representative, he should protect.   The Chief of the Supervising Committee in the Romanian Parliament […]

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The National Audio-Visual Council’s (CNA) sleep gives birth to media monsters. An appeal to unblock and evaluate CNA’s activity

To all CNA members To the Media and Culture Committee of the Romanian Senate To the Culture, Arts, and Mass media Committee of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies To the Presidential Administration To the Romanian Government   After witnessing the unacceptable slips of Antena 3, and România TV, on January 23, 2017, Active Watch demands for the […]

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The Senate breaks the law and prejudices civil society

  The Romanian Senate illegally extended the period for candidacies for the two spots for civil society representatives in the Magistrate Superior Council (CSM), although, at the end of 2016, there were several candidates to choose from.   22 civil society organizations protest against this illegality and demand the Senate to no further delay the nominations […]

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Intimidation of investigative journalists’ family members

To: the Police Department in Slănic Moldova, the County Police Department Bacău / the General Romanian Police Department / the Ministry of Internal Affairs   ActiveWatch and The Center for Independent Journalism demnand the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Police Department to urgently launch an investigation regarding the intimidation of Daniel Befu, and […]