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National Report: Tailoring media content in B&H. The Gatekeepers are in Us

In 1995, after the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina passed modern media legislation and achieved high media pluralism. These were the times when the country was under the heavy influence of the international community, primarily the United States and European Union, which led the peacekeeping and state-building process. Physical assaults on journalists and […]

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National Report: Online State

Author: RADENKO UDOVIČIĆ, researcher Media Initiatives, Bosnia&Herzegovina   Internet media have violated some journalistic rules that have been in effect since the middle of the 19th century. For example, in the struggle for their advertising share and number of page clicks, so-called ‘bait’ headlines have become omnipresent. For example, a variation of that is the […]

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Partial Solutions for Saving the Public Broadcasting Service

Representatives of the power company Elektroprivreda BiH and two Sarajevo-based public broadcasting services, the national BHRT and the entity RTV FBiH, signed a business contract agreeing on collection of TV license fee together with electricity bills, displayed on bills starting with August 2017. Along with these two broadcasters, the public broadcasting system of B&H also […]

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UDAR, the only Roma media outlet in B&H

A Sarajevo-based Roma web portal dubbed UDAR has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina since June . The word “UDAR” means “door,” which has a symbolic meaning because one of the portal’s goals is to open the Roma community to the general public.   “The idea to launch the UDAR portal resulted from the […]

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The Public Broadcasting System in B&H – Without Any Hope

Author: Radenko Udovicic Media Initiatives   The public broadcasting system in B&H, comprising of the national broadcaster BHRT, and the broadcasters RTVF BiH and RTRS, has been brought into a no way out  situation, as it is obvious that the national Parliament will not discuss funding plans any time soon. This political situation has been additionally […]

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National Report – Mirror within Political Relations

Author: RADENKO UDOVIČIĆ Researcher, Media Initiatives, Sarajevo   International affairs in B&H are not a dominant topic in B&H media, although they are covered every day. Sources of such information are news agencies (mainly from western countries) and international television exchange. So-called added value is given to news by various domestic and foreign commentators who […]

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Media Literacy and Education needs of journalists and the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Authors: Kanita Halilovic, Hafiz Korac and Radenko Udovičić Media Initiatives, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Media literacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is still a secondary issue whose development is not considered a priority. This is the situation also in the scholarly and journalistic circles, which should certainly be interested in this matter, operationally or thematically. […]

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Media Initiatives (MI) in Sarajevo organised a national round table and a training on media literacy on the public agenda in Bosnia, between November 9 to November 11, 2016

The national round table presented the findings and conclusions of the study on the status of education of journalists and education for media literacy in Bosnia, study conducted by MI between April – June 2016. The research shows that although the number of journalism students is growing, this large number of faculties of journalism/departments of journalism is […]

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Public TV services in BIH start digital broadcasting

Source: Media Plan Institute/Media Initiatives   Digital TV signal started being delivered through terrestrial transmitters in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 14 October 2016, after several postponements. However, this is so-called test broadcasting which covers only the Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar regions and is only related to public broadcasting services which operate in Multiplex A. […]