National Report: Social Networks vs. Traditional Media in Montenegro: The Battle Has Started


Montenegro Media Institute


There is an increasing number of people using social networks as an information source in Montenegro, but also as a media channel. Individuals and groups who do not have access to traditional media use social networks, especially Facebook, for sending messages to the general public. More and more politicians and government critics use social networks as a means for expressing their opinions.

According to the Ministry of Information Society and Technology of Montenegro, the number of people and households who have Internet access increased by 2,3 % in 2016, compared to 2015 (69,8% in 2016 compared to only 67,5% in 2015), while in 2014 the figure reached only 63,6%.

Many traditional media in Montenegro have their Facebook profiles, used not only to publish their content, but also to communicate with their  audience. In some cases it is the social media (Facebook)  that includes a topic or an event  on the public agenda, even when it is ignored by the  “traditional media”.

On the other hand there are opinions that social networks are used only by part of the public in Montenegro: the educated, young people. For example some of the largest media in Montenegro, as daily Dan, do not have a Facebook account and portal, but still have the same audience.

One thing is sure: the battle has started.

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