Media Literacy Workshop in Macedonia


Media literacy for the general public, and journalists’ educational needs, were the focus of an expert discussion and workshop organized on December 2, 2016, by the Macedonian Institute for Media, in cooperation with the Center for Independent Journalism in Romania, as part of the regional project “Partnership in South East Europe Media Development “, funded by the European Commission.

Prospects and challenges in introducing the media literacy concept to the public, and the role of journalism education in promoting professionalism, were the subjects of an expert debate, attended by representatives of Faculties of journalism, high schools, the regulatory body, media and civil society organizations operating in the field of media literacy.

During the event, the findings and recommendations of the “Survey on the educational needs of journalists and media literacy of the public in Macedonia” were presented. In terms of media literacy of the general public, the participants agreed that, despite the engagement of civil society organizations, Macedonia needs more active involvement from relevant state institutions, through the introduction of media literacy in the educational curricula at the early age, and through public campaigns, for the older audiences.

Before the expert discussion, a two-day workshop, on the role of media literacy in encouraging active citizenship in democratic processes,  was organized. The workshop was moderated by Cristina Lupu and Ioana Avadani, from the Center for Independent Journalism in Romania, and by Zoran Bojarovski, a longtime journalist and editor in Macedonia. The training took place between December 29 – 30, 2016. Participants were introduced to the concept of media literacy and its practice worldwide, as opposed to local prospects, and discussed the role of different institutional and non-institutional actors in promoting media literacy. They developed advocacy campaigns ideas on media literacy and its importance for a democratic society.

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