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National Report: Online State

Author: RADENKO UDOVIČIĆ, researcher Media Initiatives, Bosnia&Herzegovina   Internet media have violated some journalistic rules that have been in effect since the middle of the 19th century. For example, in the struggle for their advertising share and number of page clicks, so-called ‘bait’ headlines have become omnipresent. For example, a variation of that is the […]


Regional Report: Media Literacy and Education Needs of Journalists and the Public in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia

INSIGHTS – MEDIA LITERACY, EDUCATION NEEDS OF JOURNALIST S AND THE PUBLIC • Level of knowledge and training of teachers/professors lags behind or is non-existent both in ICT and in media literacy. • Diverse backgrounds of teachers/professors, rarely with any practice in journalism, and not in possession of a degree in journalism. • State and […]

Montenegro Publications

National Report – International News for Local Political Purpose

Author: MILENA PEROVIC KORAC, Journalist, Montenegro Media Institute   Media in Montenegro cover international stories rather superficially, without much analytical articles and reports, and without sufficient explanation of the causes of world or regional events that are covered and the effects such events have on global processes and Montenegro as well. Certain traditional media exceed […]

Macedonia Publications

National Report – Parochial Journalism – Do Media Help People to Look Beyond the National Borders?

Author: SANJA VASIC Journalist and Editor in Foreign Affairs   False news is the only direct link between the American presidential elections and Macedonia. The headlines such as “The Pope endorsed Donald Trump for President”, “Hillary Clinton will be arrested on paedophilia charges”, “Michelle Obama is a man” and much more absurd news was created by false […]

Bosnia&Herzegovina Publications

National Report – Mirror within Political Relations

Author: RADENKO UDOVIČIĆ Researcher, Media Initiatives, Sarajevo   International affairs in B&H are not a dominant topic in B&H media, although they are covered every day. Sources of such information are news agencies (mainly from western countries) and international television exchange. So-called added value is given to news by various domestic and foreign commentators who […]