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National Report: Facebook LIVE is Our News

The protection of the right to freedom of expression is at the core of democracy. Freedom of expression contributes to discussions on issues of public importance and encourages the overall development both of the society and of each individual. By contrast, arbitrary prohibition of the right to freedom of expression and other human rights is […]

Macedonia Publications

National Report: Abuse of State for Political Party Purposes

Macedonia has failed to respect human rights and freedom of expression for the past eleven years. The entire state machinery was involved to serve one political party and its establishment so as to enable them to control the politics, the business, the journalism, and the non-governmental sector all together   Introduction The end of the […]

Bosnia&Herzegovina Publications

National Report: Tailoring media content in B&H. The Gatekeepers are in Us

In 1995, after the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina passed modern media legislation and achieved high media pluralism. These were the times when the country was under the heavy influence of the international community, primarily the United States and European Union, which led the peacekeeping and state-building process. Physical assaults on journalists and […]

Albania Publications

National Report: Gatekeepers and Intermediaries: Albania

The report provides an overview of the legislation affecting freedom of expression, rather than media and information freedom laws, as well as the potential mechanisms used to limit freedom of expression. In this respect, the project analyzes the current trends in legislation and potential “attacks” to freedom of expression from the debate on media ethics, […]

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A worrying state of media in the Western Balkans

The Directorate of the European Commission for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) is concerned about the non-transparent, partocratic and corrupt co-financing of media content in Serbia.   Source: NUNS 12.10.2017.   European parliamentarians, representatives of the European Commission and other institutions in Brussels, expressed concern at the beginning of this week over the growing […]

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The fight for media freedom in Serbia continues

The Media Freedom Group is organizing a gathering of journalists, media, civil society organizations and citizens ready to fight for media freedom in Serbia on Thursday, October 5, at 20:00 in Dorćol Platz in Belgrade. During the event, the participants will sign The Freedom of the Media Declaration – a joint document that will contain […]

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How Serbian media looked today: Together against media darkness

More than 150 media and civil society organizations and numerous individuals unanimously pointed out the existence of media darkness and the suppression of media freedom in Serbia, today at noon by a collective action. With the message “Stop Media Darkness!”, the media, portals, organizations, as well as citizens, made theirs screens and profiles on social […]

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Regional Report: A Voice for Many, Influence for Few

The Impact of Online and Social Media On The Freedom Of Expression in SEE Europe   A REGIONAL OVERVIEW Ioana Avădani, Romania   The present report is the fourth in a series of reports examining less-explored angles of the freedom of expression, prepared within the frame of the South East European Partnership for Media Development. […]