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Citizens have to believe in the role of the public service broadcaster, in order to protect it

An open public discussion on thorough operational reform of the public service broadcaster, Macedonian Radio-Television (MRT), and on its future development, is necessary, so that it becomes a modern European public service. An open public competition should be conducted for the election of members in the Public Service Programming Council, in order to reduce direct political influences. Moreover, all stakeholders should consider […]

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First Investigative Film Festival in Skopje

  The Investigative Film Festival will take place for the first time in Skopje, from 3 to 5 November 2017, organized by the Platform for Investigative Journalism and Analysis – PINA, in cooperation with The Foundation “Friedrich Ebert”. The first festival of its kind in the region, IFFS unites local, regional and international issues related to […]

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National Report: Abuse of State for Political Party Purposes

Macedonia has failed to respect human rights and freedom of expression for the past eleven years. The entire state machinery was involved to serve one political party and its establishment so as to enable them to control the politics, the business, the journalism, and the non-governmental sector all together   Introduction The end of the […]

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National Report: Whose Media Are These?

Author: ZORAN RICHLIEV, digital media analyst Macedonian Intitute for Media   As recent developments with digital news show, the quantity of information is inversely proportional to its quality. The abundance of information which became apparent with the fast digital development, viewed from Macedonian point of view has not led to better democracy, as it was […]

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Association of Journalists of Macedonia: The Government with money and violence is controlling the media

Source: website of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia   The Association of Journalists of Macedonia has prepared a report on the indicators for the degree of media freedom and journalist safety in 2016. The report has been prepared using qualitative and quantitative methods for data gathering and analysis. According to the findings of the […]

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Professor Snezana Trpevska: Political pluralism in media is indispensable for a democratic public sphere

“Political pluralism is one of the most important dimensions of media pluralism as it enables free and equal circulation of different political ideas and opinions. This means that each media outlet individually should endeavor to ensure a so-called internal pluralism in the news, or to present all opposing positions on a given topic. This is fairly […]

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National Report – Parochial Journalism – Do Media Help People to Look Beyond the National Borders?

Author: SANJA VASIC Journalist and Editor in Foreign Affairs   False news is the only direct link between the American presidential elections and Macedonia. The headlines such as “The Pope endorsed Donald Trump for President”, “Hillary Clinton will be arrested on paedophilia charges”, “Michelle Obama is a man” and much more absurd news was created by false […]