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Association of Journalists of Macedonia: The Government with money and violence is controlling the media

Source: website of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia   The Association of Journalists of Macedonia has prepared a report on the indicators for the degree of media freedom and journalist safety in 2016. The report has been prepared using qualitative and quantitative methods for data gathering and analysis. According to the findings of the […]

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Professor Snezana Trpevska: Political pluralism in media is indispensable for a democratic public sphere

“Political pluralism is one of the most important dimensions of media pluralism as it enables free and equal circulation of different political ideas and opinions. This means that each media outlet individually should endeavor to ensure a so-called internal pluralism in the news, or to present all opposing positions on a given topic. This is fairly […]

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National Report – Parochial Journalism – Do Media Help People to Look Beyond the National Borders?

Author: SANJA VASIC Journalist and Editor in Foreign Affairs   False news is the only direct link between the American presidential elections and Macedonia. The headlines such as “The Pope endorsed Donald Trump for President”, “Hillary Clinton will be arrested on paedophilia charges”, “Michelle Obama is a man” and much more absurd news was created by false […]

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Escalation of political crisis in Macedonia hand in hand with deep media crisis

  The political crisis plaguing Macedonia for over a year further escalated after President Ivanov decided in early April 2016 to pardon the government officials who are under investigation by the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Revolted by the decision, citizens have launched mass protests in the capital, demanding the President’s resignation, revocation of the amnesty, restoration […]

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Media Literacy Workshop in Macedonia

  Media literacy for the general public, and journalists’ educational needs, were the focus of an expert discussion and workshop organized on December 2, 2016, by the Macedonian Institute for Media, in cooperation with the Center for Independent Journalism in Romania, as part of the regional project “Partnership in South East Europe Media Development “, funded […]