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Public services in B&H: Poor picture that citizens don’t want to pay for

Saida Mustajbegović Decreasing numbers of citizens are paying subscription fee, whereas position of public services is deteriorating Non-payment of the legally prescribed tax for public broadcasting services illustrates Bosnian and Herzegovinian society in every segment – political, economic, social and educational. Thus, the story of radio and television tax actually speaks about us, about our […]

Bosnia&Herzegovina News

Dangers of Neoliberalism for Public Services

by Valentina Delić   Public media services both in Western Europe and in poorer parts of the continent are being re-examined with their position and role. Bosnia and Herzegovina has for years failed to come up with an answer to the question of a functional system of collection of radio and television tax, which has […]

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National Report – Working Conditions for Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author: Radenco UDOVIČIĆ   Main points of the National Report:  In BiH the general political and social environment is unfavorable for the development of independent, professional and free journalism. Ethnic divisions and conflicts, along with all other controversies of BiH society, have threatened or even stalled the implementation of very good media legislation. A […]