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Albanian Media Institute organised a national round table and a training on media literacy in the public agenda between November 2 to November 4, 2016

The national round table presented the findings and conclusions the study on the status of media literacy in Albania, conducted in April-July 2016. The study draw a picture of the media literacy situation in Albania, identifying the existing practice, formal state policies, civil society initiatives, and the interaction of media with other actors. The report focuses […]

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AMA Chair Presents the Annual Report to Media Outlets

  Gentian Sala, chair of Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) presented a summary of AMA’s 2014 annual report to media outlets. Sala focused on the range of problems the institution faces and shortcomings from last year, on AMA’s current work plans, and especially on digital switchover process. More specifically, the chairman reported that AMA has had […]

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PBS Signs Agreement to Start Building Digital Networks

  Public broadcaster RTSH signed on March 19 the agreement that will pave the way for the building of its two digital networks. The contract was signed by RTSH representatives, the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration, and the representatives of Rohde & Schwarz company. The contract was signed after a series of […]

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Court Rules on Lawsuit on Election of AMA Members and Chairman

  The Administrative Court has rejected the lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group. The Democratic Party complained on the process of election of two members of AMA and its chairman, claiming the process was invalid, since the opposition MPs had not participated in the short-listing process, as the law required. In addition, AMA […]

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National Report – Labor Relations in the Media in Albania

Author: Ilda Lindo   The conclusions of the National Report are: The situation regarding labour relations in the media section is certainly not better than that of the private sector in the country in general. The main problems witnessed include the lack of work contracts, fictitious contracts, significant violation of contract terms, especially delays in […]

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Annual Journalism Awards

  The Union of Albanian Journalists awarded the journalists for best economic reporting in Albania and Kosovo on December 16 with the annual prize “Vangjush Gambeta.” The award for the best economic program was given to journalist Ornela Gace, while the award for best economic story in print media was given to Xhovani Shyti.  The […]

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Parliament Elects Five Members of Steering Council of RTSH

  The Parliament elected on December 4 in a plenary session five members of the Steering Council of public broadcaster RTSH. The new members were voted only by Members of Parliament from the ruling majority, as the opposition MPs continued to boycott all parliamentary activities. The short listing process in the Parliamentary Commission on Media […]

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NEWS24 Journalist Reports Life Attempt Against Him

  Artur Çani, the journalist who runs the investigative program Kaktus on News 24 TV, reported to the police that a masked person tried to kill him on the evening of December 1, inside the building where he lives in Tirana. Çani reported that at the last moment the gun didn’t fire and the aggressor […]