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Ethical principles forgotten because of the profit

Author: Tatjana Djukic (MRCN)   Outrageous, unprecedented, spectacular and you-won’t-believe news, are part of everyday headlines in Serbia, which report about the monsters, liars, criminals, and with plenty of grisly details and testimony of anonymous, reliable, sources. Rules that other side needs to be heard, privacy of the persons in question should be respected, and […]

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Media literacy through media education

Author: Andjela Stojanovic (MRCN)   There is more than 50 percent of functionally illiterate people in Serbia, said professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade Veselin Kljajic on the debate of media literacy. Therefore, it is not surprising that people in Serbia continue to struggle with the acceptance of new media and with […]


Regional Report: Media Literacy and Education Needs of Journalists and the Public in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia

INSIGHTS – MEDIA LITERACY, EDUCATION NEEDS OF JOURNALIST S AND THE PUBLIC • Level of knowledge and training of teachers/professors lags behind or is non-existent both in ICT and in media literacy. • Diverse backgrounds of teachers/professors, rarely with any practice in journalism, and not in possession of a degree in journalism. • State and […]

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Media Freedom in Serbia – value that disappears

Author: Ivan Protic, Media & Reform Centar Niš   Media freedom in Serbia is like a hot potato for some politicians. On the one hand, it is a good democratic legitimacy in front of the outside world, but, on the other, in the underdeveloped democratic consciousness of politicians, it is a danger for the country and nation, […]

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Pre-election media games

Media & Reform Centar Niš   Public media in Serbia is not very original. The patterns that shape international media environment are the same in our country. Local tabloids are neither better, nor worse than their equivalents in Western Europe, but have a greater impact on less educated publics. More than often, “serious” media find […]

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The Public Broadcasting System in B&H – Without Any Hope

Author: Radenko Udovicic Media Initiatives   The public broadcasting system in B&H, comprising of the national broadcaster BHRT, and the broadcasters RTVF BiH and RTRS, has been brought into a no way out  situation, as it is obvious that the national Parliament will not discuss funding plans any time soon. This political situation has been additionally […]