National Report: Online Media in Albania – Not Yet a Game Changer

AUTHOR: ILDA LONDO, researcher

Albanian Media Institute


Clearly the information and communication practices in online media and social media will be a priority in the near future, just like the ability of traditional media to professionally evolve and keep up with the need to respond to audience needs and trends. While this is highly relevant for the development of the media landscape trends and for the economic model of the media outlets themselves, the value of news and information and respect for professional standards remain unchanged, at least in theory.
In the current context, online media face numerous challenges related to professionalism, including even basic routine procedures, such as fact checking and verification of sources, tabloidization, sensationalist content, copyright issues, etc. On the other hand, traditional media have recently started to enter the online media game, establishing their own websites and platforms, further blurring the lines between online and traditional media.
While in theory online and social media do provide greater freedom for journalists, in practice it does not seem that this freedom is substantial, or game-changing. At the same time, in the absence of self-regulation and professional rules and conduct, in the future it is likely that the legislation debate will be dominated by calls for stricter legislation for online media and for UGC.

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Image courtesy of @Pixabay

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