National Report – Lost in Transition, Stucked between East and West

Media & Reform Centre NIS


Based on the rich arguments and expert opinions of our interviwees, one can conclude a couple of things.
Firstly, media in Serbia are dependent on political elite and centers of power, which control editorial policies of most of Serbian media. Also, the financial aspect affects the position of the journalistic profession. This further implies the production of ‘’copypaste’’ news, a lot of agency news without context, but at the same time the lack of investigative approach too.

On the other hand, social networks have positive and negative sides. In one way, the Internet accelerates citizens’ journalism and the democratization of media, but at the same time it is a space for propaganda and hate speech.
Attempts at regulating and monitoring may turn out to be poisonous gifts, as they may open the door to unnecessary limitations to freedom of speech and abusive usage of control leverage to silence critical voices.

All that shows that the only systematic solution in combating censorship and other types of media control, is continuous media education: educating the public in the spirit and values of good journalism, exercising critical thinking, inviting them to practice responsible use of powerful media tools that they have so easily at hand.

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