Media Literacy and Education needs of journalists and the public in Montenegro

Daniela Vranković, Montenegro Media Institute (Montenegro)


Media community in Montenegro is deeply divided in pro- and anti- government media. This kind of perception is preventing the owners, and what is more worrying, their employees in reaching agreement in any professional matter including any common demands toward the states institution that provide formal education. It is questionable, who, when or how might work on any kind of plan and strategy on how to improve both formal and informal education of journalists in Montenegro. The honest answer to the first question set by this research “What is the government policy in the fields of media literacy and formal journalism education?” would be “Not quite sure”.

The biggest step in terms of government policies in the fields of media literacy and formal journalism education is the setting up of an elective course in gymnasium. However year by year there are smaller numbers of students applying for this curriculum as the other issue is the fact that only the gymnasiums offer this subject and not all the high schools. On the other hand, formal journalism education, journalism course at Faculty of political studies, is apparently about to take a step backward. After a couple of months of public debate a decision is expected to shut down, or “reconstruct” courses in the Faculty of political science by transforming journalism into communications studies course.

The process of taking this decision by the administration was so far not transparent and without sharing any details and rationale. Informal education of journalists, trainings, seminars, courses are available to all the professionals in the country. Their effect, however is questionable not for their need or quality but because the editors and media owners are not very often supportive of joutrnalists in allowing absence form daily routine to attend courses and because of their orientation and editoral policy that may not allow the full implementation of knowledge and skills obtained.

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