Media Literacy and Education needs of journalists and the public in Serbia

Dejan Kožul, journalist and researcher (Serbia)


The concept of media literacy is being recognized in Serbia as part of the process of accession to the European Union. The awareness for the urgent need of promotion of media literacy in Serbia has 2 major driver. One is structural and related to the political and economic tails of the past that are reflecting in the economic crisis situation (the disintegration of the state, transition, poverty, great influence of media in the society, and a significant influence of political and economic structures in the media, a lagging education system, etc.). It is the line where requirements for democratization and strengthening of the civil society emerged. This context is strongly connected with EU accession process.

The other context is technological and related to a changing media environment fostered by rapid development and penetration of new communication technologies and digitization that encouraged new research projects in media studies, cultural studies, audience studies and the growing recognition of the broader social needs and rights of children.

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