Media Literacy and Education needs of journalists and the public in Albania

Authors: Remzi Lani and Ilda Londo, Albanian Media Institute (Albania)


Media literacy has not yet become part of the public debate. An accurate term for the concept has not been yet translated into Albanian language. Thanks to the overall debate on media professionalism, especially ethics, there is a degree of reflection and discussion on media quality. The media professionals and academicians interviewed shared that the public has some knowledge and critical sense on media in Albania, but media literacy education would be very helpful in improving understanding of how media works and how the public should read it. “Citizens are aware that news, attitude and context that the media convey are biased, but it is also clear that the further the citizens are from the elites and the capital, the more difficult it is for them to understand why media is the way it is,” sais Blendi Salaj from Media Aktive.

The emergence of the new and social media is another driver for the introduction of media education in the curricula. “Part of the population, based on experience or intuition can make the difference between the reality constructed by media and the real life. However, this should not be left to chance and media education should be part of the curricula. This is even more urgent with the development of new media and Internet penetration, which has further complicated reading and understanding the massive messaging, in fact we should go from ‘media literacy’ to `communication literacy’,” says Rrapo Zguri, Professor of journalism at the University of Tirana.

Apart from some initiatives of the civil society and the NGO sector there is no particular development or attempts to promote the concept of media literacy through events or to assess the needs and media literacy levels with studies and evaluations.

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