Albanian Media Institute organised a national round table and a training on media literacy in the public agenda between November 2 to November 4, 2016

The national round table presented the findings and conclusions the study on the status of media literacy in Albania, conducted in April-July 2016. The study draw a picture of the media literacy situation in Albania, identifying the existing practice, formal state policies, civil society initiatives, and the interaction of media with other actors. The report focuses on training needs in journalism profession and the general public, as well as on the environmental factors in the basis of media literacy.

The training, attended by journalists and NGO representatives, focused on discussing advocacy ideas and skills for introducing media literacy in different forms in the curricula or through campaigns of civil society organizations.

The events were organised by the Albanian Media Institute and the Center for Independent Journalism, Bucharest, in the framework of the regional project “Partnership for Media Development in South Eastern Europe,” co-financed by the European Commission, Civil Society Facility, Media Freedom and Accountability Programme, EuropeAid / 134613 / C / ACT / Multi.

Image courtesy of seemediapartnership | SEE Media Partnership

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