AMA Chair Presents the Annual Report to Media Outlets


Gentian Sala, chair of Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) presented a summary of AMA’s 2014 annual report to media outlets. Sala focused on the range of problems the institution faces and shortcomings from last year, on AMA’s current work plans, and especially on digital switchover process. More specifically, the chairman reported that AMA has had serious shortcomings in carrying out its functions and duties in 2014, facing different problems. According to the report, there have been serious shortcomings in administering the spectrum of frequencies, resulting in illegal occupation and use of this spectrum from audiovisual media operators. In addition, a significant number of operators fails to comply with the legislation (failure to pay financial dues, broadcasting outside their licensed area, failure to meet license obligations, etc.) Another significant deficiency of AMA has been the failure to approve secondary legislation, due to lack of quorum. Sala reported that efforts of the institution in this period have focused on consultation meetings with national operators and cable operators, trying to improve partnership between AMA and the operators. He also said that AMA is working to adapt new regulations to the technological requirements, while also improving the transparency of the institution mainly through re-organization of its website. AMA has also started procedures to establish the new Council of Complaints, as well as the efforts to apply for funding on a project that would modernize the monitoring studio. Sala paid special attention to digital switchover process, in view of the fast approaching deadline and the complexity of the situation. While stating that all efforts are being made to realize this process within the June 17 deadline, he was pessimistic that digital switchover would be completed in all the territory within this date, saying that the aim was to cover the largest urban centers by that time. He mentioned that a significant delay and obstacle has been the process of digitalizing the network of public broadcaster RTSH, which has been blocked for a long time due to lawsuits and delayed negotiations.


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