Court Rules on Lawsuit on Election of AMA Members and Chairman


The Administrative Court has rejected the lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group. The Democratic Party complained on the process of election of two members of AMA and its chairman, claiming the process was invalid, since the opposition MPs had not participated in the short-listing process, as the law required. In addition, AMA chair was elected before completion of all AMA members vacancies and that several MPs had voted for more than one candidate, the DP lawsuit claimed. The Administrative Court asked for additional acts and documents that would prove their claim, considering the documents submitted incomplete. After the  Democratic Party did not submit other documents the court decided to return the lawsuit to the DP Group. Alfred Peza, deputy chair of Parliamentary Commission on Media and representative of the Socialist Party called on his opposition colleagues in early February to start the process for electing AMA’s missing member, but no further steps have been made in this regard.


Image courtesy of Photo via Visualhunt

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