’Media and terrorism’ conference to be held in Sarajevo in February 2016


After the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, Sarajevo and other European cities, it has become clear that the fight against terrorism is not only a task for the security agencies, but the whole society needs to cope with this evil. Also, media play an important role in this fight.

The conference entitled “Media and terrorism”, organized by the Media Plan Institute Sarajevo, will take place on February 25.

It will bring together journalists, representatives of security agencies, representatives of the academic community, and other interested individuals and organizations. They will try to give answers to some of the dilemmas that media and the public are facing:

  • What the public expects from media in case of terrorist acts;
  • How media can contribute to the de-radicalization of certain groups or individuals;
  • Do media reports on terrorism contribute to certain categories of people stigmatization …

Those topics are more important now than ever before. Latest developments put media in front of a huge challenge: how to report on terrorism, how not to serve terrorists’ objectives, complying, at the same time, with professional and ethical standards of journalism.

The agenda of the conference will be announced in the following days. For more information, please contact the Media Plan Institute at udovicic.r@mediaplan.ba or bojana@mediaplan.ba.

Image courtesy of © Vladkol | Megapixl.com

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