National Report – Working Conditions for Journalists and Other Media Workers in Serbia

Author: Dejan KOŽUL


The conclusions of the National Report are:

 It is necessary to rebuilt strong journalist union. The existing few lack organizational capacity and credibility. They are unable to give full protection to the journalists and all media employees.

 It is necessary to work with students and faculties to prepare them for the market to avoid problems journalists have REGIONAL REPORT – MARCH 2015 1 3 now and to ensure that they know exactly what are their labor rights.

 Self-organization at a micro level is recommended. Journalists should be aware of their role and significance in the public sphere. Self organizing on micro level, inside of their redaction could protect them as a journalists working in a public interest.

 It is necessary to draw a clear line between media and the state and the state interest in media field.

 A system of continuous evaluation inside of media is recommended. Such a system could act as a self regulation mechanism within the media outlets, thus protecting the employees from further dismissal. This evaluation system should determine the level of salaries.

 A special media department inside the court system is necessary. This would speed up their work and well educated judges will understand all media specificity.

 The journalists must be aware of their own responsibility and of their own strength. Therefore it is necessary to restore their dignity.

 The lack of solidarity makes the journalists situation even more more difficult. Strengthening solidarity is crucial.

Access the full report here.


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