NEWS24 Journalist Reports Life Attempt Against Him


Artur Çani, the journalist who runs the investigative program Kaktus on News 24 TV, reported to the police that a masked person tried to kill him on the evening of December 1, inside the building where he lives in Tirana. Çani reported that at the last moment the gun didn’t fire and the aggressor left. He said he was not aware of this attempt, but later checked the security cameras and noticed the episode. Police are investigating whether or not the attack was related to his journalist profession. Çani  reported that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Sajmir Tahiri, and Prime Minister Edi Rama, expressed their interest on the incident, as well as their support. In interviews reported in the media Çani said that the incident was most likely related to his activity as investigative journalist, adding that a journalist working for his investigative broadcast, Kaktus, had resigned earlier due to the pressure put by some people affected by a yet-to-be-aired show. The Union of Albanian Journalists described the life attempt on the News24 journalist as an unprecedented act, which points to the extreme threats the investigative journalism is facing in Albania. The main opposition party, the Democratic Party (DP) also reacted to the incident, claiming that this attempt testifies that the country is being taken over by criminal gangs and calling for a swift investigation into the criminal incident, in order to expose the criminal mechanism behind it.


Image courtesy of ieat31415 via / CC BY-NC-ND

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