Decisions on Regulatory Authorities Postponed


The Parliamentary Commission of Media and Public Information Means has convened several times this month, but there has been no further progress in election of Steering Council of public Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (KDRTSH.) After interviewing 65 candidates for 10 vacancies, as well as four candidates for the post of chairman of KDRTSH in December, the commission has not agreed on the procedure for electing new members of Steering Council, lacking consensus. The process has been further delayed by the withdrawal of one of the candidates for chair of KDRTSH, opening the process to new candidates again.

Meanwhile, on February 14 the Parliamentary Commission on Laws held a meeting to analyze the amendment proposed by Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on Media Alfred Peza, on the election of new members of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA.) The Commission recommended that the Parliamentary Commission on Media approve the amendment and take it to the plenary session for voting. However MPs of the opposition suggested that the Commission of Laws should wait for foreign expertise and then give a recommendation on the matter, stating that the independent institutions were being affected by this amendment and procedure.


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